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DR Strings RPM-12 RARE 12-54 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

DR Strings

DR Strings RPM-12 RARE 12-54 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

$ 9.99

DR RARE Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings are a departure from the standard. They are designed with improved formulas for even greater durability and enriched tone.

When DR set out to produce a handmade string with new characteristics, their goal was to redesign contemporary thinking about what phosphor bronze can do for a good acoustic guitar. Excellent "flat-top-" guitars, dreadnoughts, hand carved arch tops of rosewood, maple, and mahogany seem to benefit from a distinct improvement in tone, depth, and sustain with RARE phosphor strings.

Players who want a fatter, louder sound, a deeper bottom, and like to hear their guitar ring out will appreciate the RARE phosphor tone, sound, and feel. According to Steve Kaufman, a heavy-playing, three time national guitar picking champion bluegrass player, "RARES" last an unusually long time. Steve recommends DR to all his students.

DR RARE strings use the same Tite Fit/Compression Winding methods as other fine DR strings. The ratios and principles of "Tite Fit Compression Winding" are used for the manufacture of all DR Strings. DR crafts their strings at tension. For example, for a .105 string, they use a core wire of .022, make a first wrap of .009 x 2 (top and bottom covers), followed by a second wrap of .014 x 2, and a third wrap of .020. The total before winding is .108, but the total after Tite Fit Compression Winding is .105. The finished string is tighter and smaller than the sum of its parts!

DR puts more in, so you get more out.

String Gauges: 12 16 24 32 42 54

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