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The Jet JT-350 BSC (Butterscotch) T-Style Guitar

Butterscotch Jet Guitars Telecaster

Looking for a detailed review of the Jet JT-350 BSC (Butterscotch) T-Style Guitar? You've come to the right place. In this article we'll take a deep dive into the features of this quality, cost-effective instrument. Ready? Let's go! First Glance: At first glance several features make it clear that this guitar is an outstanding value: the smooth modern-C shaped Canadian maple neck, the cutaway back for comfort against your body, the deep cut upper body for reaching higher frets with increased ease, locking tuners frequently found on much more expensive guitars, a nut made of bone for improved tone, as well as the three...

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From Kyser: A Powerful Capo APP for iOS

Earlier this year Kyser Musical, makers of the widely popular Kyser Capos, released a powerful iOS App to help with chord transposition, timing, fingerings, and more. If you use a capo, this App will demystify most questions you may have. For example, the app will tell you the chord name based on the fret-position of the capo. For example, I chose the A-Major shape, one is frequently used with a capo, and had the App place the capo on the third fret. The App correctly identified the chord as C-Major. If I need to play a G-Major, using the A-Major shape, I...

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DIY Guitar Setup Is Possible

Thanks to our friends at Kyser Musical (the capo folks) for pointing to this great article on how to setup your electric or acoustic guitar yourself. You've probably heard it said that the difference between a good guitar and a great one is having it setup. Many guitarists, however, never spend the time or money to have this done. It may be that they don't understand the importance of a guitar setup, or they don't have the funds, or they don't have confidence in the nearby guitar shop. Whatever the reason, you can accomplish a setup on your own by following the steps clearly...

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Music, Fun, & Fellowship... Just Play!

I have noticed something about small groups: music enhances our sense of togetherness.

Think of that famous scene near the end of "It's A Wonderful Life" where everyone sings "Auld Lang Syne." Scene's like this impact viewers because they bring to mind joyful memories of singing along with friends and family. Who hasn't laughed out loud after singing to a favorite song while riding down the highway, or after leading a child through a silly tune? Times like this bring a smile to our face and draw us closer together.

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Guitar Scale Length Affects Tone, Sustain, String Tension and More

I found this article on Guitar Scale Length, which explains the concept of scale length on guitar and how your choice of instrument determines much more than how it feels in your hands. In addition to this article, there are many other resources available to understand the nuances to scale length decisions, such as D'Addario's information on string tension for all of the guitar sets (see their strings web-site and use the search bar for details on any D'Addario set for details).

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