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The Jet JT-350 BSC (Butterscotch) T-Style Guitar

Butterscotch Jet Guitars Telecaster

Looking for a detailed review of the Jet JT-350 BSC (Butterscotch) T-Style Guitar? You've come to the right place. In this article we'll take a deep dive into the features of this quality, cost-effective instrument. Ready? Let's go!

First Glance:

At first glance several features make it clear that this guitar is an outstanding value: the smooth modern-C shaped Canadian maple neck, the cutaway back for comfort against your body, the deep cut upper body for reaching higher frets with increased ease, locking tuners frequently found on much more expensive guitars, a nut made of bone for improved tone, as well as the three controls (volume, tone, and three-way pickup selector switch).

As with all Jet guitars, the box and packing materials ensure your instrument arrives safe and sound. For example, the strings are wrapped to prevent contact with the fretboard; the 3-way switch is enclosed by a styrofoam pad to protect it from bends; the body is wrapped to prevent scratches; the entire guitar is bubble-wrapped to cushion it from shipping blows. Finally, styrofoam padding is used in critical locations to hold the instrument in place and provide critical support.


JT-350-BSC Box

The Jet JT-350 BSC, still in the box.

The JT 350 BSC inside the box

Lots of protective padding. Covers are well placed.


When taken out of the box you can't help but be impressed with the overall finish of the Jet JT-350. The butterscotch color brings to mind the classic heritage of the T-style guitar as well as other modern adaptations found mostly on instruments costing many times more than the Jet version. The guitar looks and feels like great care was taken during manufacture to produce a visually stunning instrument.


The finish on the body is fabulous. The color is a very warm hi-gloss butterscotch,

The body is finished with both a neck and body cutaway. The neck cutaway allows easy access to higher frets while playing. The body cutaway adds to the comfort of the guitar, especially when sitting.

Through the body strings for improved sustain. Some also find through-the-body strings add to the tone and resonance of the guitar. Some also feel that a string-through setup provides more mid-range volume.


Jet JT-350 Butterscotch product photo



Building on that 1950's era heritage are two single-coil alnico pickups. With a long reputation for for long-life and high quality, alnico single-coils provide a pleasingly smooth, warm tone.

The Alnico pickups on the JT-350 BSC are Alnico 5 (the strongest of the Alnico line) consisting of iron and chrome. These pickups give the JT-350 plenty of punch, and strong tonal response. The neck pickup resistance is 4.5k, and the bridge pickup resistance is 6.1k.


Bridge Alnico Pickup

Neck Alnico 5 Pickup (4.5k resistance).


Bridge Alnico Pickup

Bridge Alnico 5 Pickup (6.1k resistance)


In general, Alnico's have been described as having a "rounded" edge, meaning you don't get harsh sounds with Alnicos. As with all single coils, steer clear of heavy distortion and gain, though this is not usually a concern for most T-style guitar fans.

Typically, players use the bridge pickup for rhythm and the neck pickup for leads. However, various players, seeking various tones, for various styles of play, has the freedom to determine what works best. 


The Jet JT-350 BSC has three controls, conveniently located just below the normal reach of the right hand (see Note, below): one volume control, one tone control, and a 3-way switch. Volume and tone are self-explanatory. The three-way switch is used to activate the bridge pickup alone, the neck pickup alone, or both pickups simultaneously.


Volume and Tone Knobs, Three Way Switch

Controls (L to R): Tone, Volume, Three-Way Pickup Selector


Like most guitars of this style, the bridge pickup is mounted on a metal plate. This arrangement creates a distinct sound reminiscent of a lap-steel guitar (which was the basis for the first guitar of this style). The metal plate acts like extra windings, to increase the inductance, and consequently create tones emphasizing mid-range and higher, plus increased volume. The bridge pickup is often selected when playing rhythm.

The neck pickup will provide a more balanced output across the frequency spectrum, and is preferred when playing lead parts. 

(Note: The JT-350 BSC is available only in a right-handed version. The closest left-handed option is the JT 300 BTS.)

Headstock & Tuners:

As mentioned earlier, the tuners on the Jet JT-350 BSC are lockable, similar to tuners on guitars with higher prices. Locking tuners allow you to change strings faster than standard post tuning pegs. Instead of feeding a string through a hole in the post, followed by turning the tuning machine with one hand while holding the string with the other, you simply insert the string, tighten the locking wheel, trim the excess string, and tune. Locking tuners also ensure that new strings don't slip and suddenly fall out of tune. Locking tuners also give the headstock a much cleaner look. Since you can trim the strings back to the tuner, there are not long string ends flopping around or unsightly string windings.

The headstock itself has a stylish cut with a nice, clean finish. With a name like "Jet" they could easily have ended up with a cheesy logo, but they have manages to create a stylish font for the logo. 


Jet Logo on Headstock

Stylish Jet Logo


Neck & Truss Rod:

The neck is securely bolted in place, and it feels rock solid. Jet includes a double-action adjustable truss rod. A double-action truss rod allows for more precise and stable adjustments. Rather than one rod pressing against the wood of the neck, a secondary rod is used to provide adjustments. This type of truss rod system allows for moving the string height (or action) both up and down to the players preferred height.


The maple fretboard blends in perfectly with the maple neck. Most importantly, the frets are finished perfectly. You won't find any fret wired protruding from the fretboard, which is a frequent problem on many budget guitars. Look at this fine fretwork on the neck:

Well finished maple neck

Flawless fretwork!


Final Thoughts:

Priced at only $309 in our shop, with FREE shipping, the Jet JT-350 BSC is an inexpensive T-style guitar that simply does not look, feel, or sound like a budget guitar. Plus, if you purchase the authentic Jet Gig Bag from us at the same time and use the coupon code JET, we'll give you $10 off the combined purchase price, and still ship it all FREE (to USA addresses).

Do you have experience with this, or other Jet guitars? If so, let us know in the comments section, below.

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