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"Can you help me?" is a question every one of us asks from time to time because no one is born an expert. A willingness to ask and a willingness to answer helps everyone. So, when we get questions we might turn it into an article, or share a tip, and post it here. Hopefully some of these articles will help answer a question you have, or give a new tip.

As articles are added, they will appear below. Enjoy them and check back frequently for new articles. Also, let us know if you have questions or tips you want to share!

Guitar Strings Primer Guitar Strings Primer
Choice is great, but too many choices can create confusion. Such can be the case with the amazing variety of guitar strings available. This guitar strings primer for six string and bass guitar unravels the mysteries and explains the basics of how to choose the best strings for your guitar (posted 15 June 2017).
Guitar Strings Primer When & How To Change Guitar Strings
Two questions we frequently get are: "Why do strings wear out?" and "When and how do I change my strings?" In this article, we provide answers to these questions. Click to learn all about why, when, and how to change guitar strings. (posted 15 June 2017).