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3 Sets DR Strings PHR-12 With Plain 24 (G) Pure Blues Extra Heavy 12-52 Electric Strings

DR Strings

3 Sets DR Strings PHR-12 With Plain 24 (G) Pure Blues Extra Heavy 12-52 Electric Strings

$ 26.99

Our 3 sets deal gets you DR Strings PHR-12 With Plain 24 (G) Pure Blues Extra Heavy 12-52 Electric Guitar Strings at a great price!

In the tradition of using old style construction to improve modern performance, DR Pure Blues electric guitar strings are designed with pure nickel wrap wire, round wound upon round cores.While this is a slow, expensive method of string making, it does produce a string acclaimed for increased sustain, vintage tone, and great low tones for playing rhythm to lead.The extra step of winding pure nickel around a round core gives the Pure Blues a punch that players say they are surprised to hear and feel in a vintage style string.DR Pure Blues strings use the same Tite Fit/Compression Winding methods as other fine DR strings.The ratios and principles of "Tite Fit Compression Winding" are used for the manufacture of all DR Strings. DR crafts their strings at tension. For example, for a .105 string, they use a core wire of .022, make a first wrap of .009 x 2 (top and bottom covers), followed by a second wrap of .014 x 2, and a third wrap of .020. The total before winding is .108, but the total after Tite Fit Compression Winding is .105. The finished string is tighter and smaller than the sum of its parts!DR puts more in, so you get more out.Buy in sets of three to save money on the cost per set, save on shipping costs, reduce packing waste, and to ensure you will have extra sets when you need them.String Gauges are: 12 (plain) 15 (plain) 24 (plain) 32 42 52

*Packing images are simulated for product clarity. Actual package does not include the text "With Plain G (.24)"

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