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Catalinbread Galileo MKII Treble Booster & AC30 Emulator


Catalinbread Galileo MKII Treble Booster & AC30 Emulator

$ 169.99

The Catalinbread Galileo MKII Treble Booster & AC30 Emulator captures the regal and soaring tones of a Rangemaster Treble-Booster into a cranked up Vox AC30. It's like having "Queen in a box."

Brian May’s sonic signature not only comes from his home built “Red Special” guitar, but also from a treble-booster pummeling banks of AC30s. He never turns the treble booster off, accessing a wide range of tones simply by manipulating his volume knobs and pickup settings. From his guitar, to the treble booster, to the amps, his entire rig is essentially a singular musical instrument. One that inspires the sort of playing May is known for. We designed the Galileo with this playing approach in mind, that with it you can roll your guitar volume back for jangly AC30 cleans, and crank it up for searing leads and aggressive yet focused rhythm tones.
The Galileo is part of the Foundation Series of Overdrives. The Catalinbread Foundation Series emulate classic tube amplifier circuits in pedal form, designed to be used and treated just like you would the actual amplifiers. All of the real amp feel, dynamics, and tones you know and love at the stomp of a switch! Great for recreating cranked amp tones at low volumes or simulating your home amp into a venue-provided backline.

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