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Comfort Strapp Pro Bass Long - Tried On - Guitar Strap (38 to 45")

Comfort Strapp

Comfort Strapp Pro Bass Long - Tried On - Guitar Strap (38 to 45")

$ 27.59

We have several of these Comfort Strapp's that were tried on by customers, then returned when they found they ordered the wrong size. We can no longer sell them as new, but they are in really great shape. As you can see from the photo in this listing the ends where the guitar connects are stretched out a bit*, but who's to know once it's on your guitar? (A few may have other leather cosmetic flaws.)This is your chance to get a Comfort Strapp in great condition for a killer price! Order soon, supplies are limited.These straps are covered by our standard satisfaction guarantee and return policy.Following is the standard write-up for this size Comfort Strapp:This is the Pro Series Long (38-45") bass guitar strap from Comfort Strapp.The Comfort Strapp provides unmatched comfort and performance.  Comfort Strapp's composite design combines the soft cushion of neoprene with sewn webbing to eliminate any bungee effect.  The Comfort Strapp is the only patented neoprene strap offering limited stretch.The Comfort Strapp Pro Bass uses an extra wide neoprene pad for long-life padded support to handle the extra weight of your bass guitar.  This comfortable neoprene pad tapers from a generous 3.5 inches at the shoulder to 3 inches at each end.The Comfort Strapp is designed with a double-hole attachment at each end, called the Douglas Connector.  The inner hole connects to your strap button.  The outer hole loops back for a second, more secure attachment to your instrument.  These holes can also be used singly for a longer strap length (about 2" longer).Comfort Strapp will outlast and outperform any other strap you've ever used, and will easily accommodate most strap-locks.Try a Comfort Strapp today.  "It works while you play!"Made in the USA.Patented non-stretch soft neoprene materialAvailable in three lengths: Short (33-37"), Long (38-45"), or Extra Long (42-54") to fit your bass & your personal style*Neoprene pad tapers to 3.5" where you need it most, to 3" near at the endHolds any bass securelyReduces shoulder slipMade in the USA.Try a Comfort Strapp and see why famous guitarists like Bonnie Raitt say, "I love these straps...most comfortable I've ever tried."* Measurements are from the inner strap hole. The outer hole is designed as a loop-back secure attachment, and can also be used to create a slightly longer strap when using strap-locks (not included).MSRP $42.00

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