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Rotosound R11 Roto Reds Medium 11-48 Electric Guitar Strings


Rotosound R11 Roto Reds Medium 11-48 Electric Guitar Strings

$ 10.99

Having recently celebrated 50 years of producing the worlds finest music strings, Rotosound proudly offer their nickel on steel electrics in a 11 gauge for today's musician.

Their highly secret core to cover ratios used in production offers brilliant sustain and tonal nuances few others can equal. The longer European eye adds extra strength at the ballend.

Unsurpassed quality and constant care to detail throughout every stage of the production process culminates in a string equally geared to the professional and non-professional alike.

All Rotosound music strings are manufactured in England.

The humble guitar string seldom evokes the same kind of excitement or obsession as instruments, amps or pedals. Nonetheless, your strings are a vital component of the sounds you make – your entire rig would be distressingly quiet without them! – so it really does make a lot of sense to pick the right ones.

Guthrie says, "I do some fairly barbaric things to my strings on a daily basis, so I’ve experimented with many different brands over the years, in a quest for maximum consistency, tuning stability, durability and all-round tonal splendour. After much research, the conclusion I reached was simply this: Rotosounds rock."

Please note: w denotes wound string
Gauges: 11 14 18 28w 38w 48w

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