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DR BKB5-50/130 Black Beauties 5-String Medium Bass Guitar Strings

DR Strings

DR BKB5-50/130 Black Beauties 5-String Medium Bass Guitar Strings

$ 39.99

DR Handmade Bass Strings, makers of the world's finest handmade guitar and bass strings, now combines the latest long-life wire technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship to give you DR BKB5-50 Black Beauties 5-String Medium 50-130 Bass Guitar Strings.The K3™ Coating is the first coating that players report,  "sounds as good or better than uncoated strings."  DR's new, remarkable, proprietary and patent pending K3™ Technology Coating is the first coating that makes no apologies and no excuses for not delivering sound equal to uncoated strings.  Players tell us that these strings have more volume, less unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation then standard, uncoated strings.  Yet, they provide the same protection due to corrosion and perspiration as well as increased tone life that coated strings are known for.The ratios and principles of "Tite Fit Compression Winding" are used for the manufacture of all DR Strings. DR crafts their strings at tension. For example, for a .105 string, they use a core wire of .022, make a first wrap of .009 x 2 (top and bottom covers), followed by a second wrap of .014 x 2, and a third wrap of .020. The total before winding is .108, but the total after Tite Fit Compression Winding is .105. The finished string is tighter and smaller than the sum of its parts!DR puts more in, so you get more out.

Long Lasting K3 coating
Long Scale 37 3/4" string length
Hand wound in the USA

Black Beauties feature a black K3 coating for a unique stylish look that sounds great and lasts a long time.String Gauges for the BKB5-45 Medium's: G 50, D 70, A 90, E 110 B 130String Material:

Core Wire: Steel
Round Wound Wrap Wire: Steel

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