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DR Strings NRB-45 Neon Red Medium 45-105 Bass Strings

DR Strings

DR Strings NRB-45 Neon Red Medium 45-105 Bass Strings

$ 29.99

DR Neon Red 4-String Medium Hi-Definition Bass Guitar Strings with K3 long-life coating.

Nickel Plated Bass Strings wound on Round Cores.

NEON™ is the second in DR's SuperStrings™ series. Super bright in day light, and with stage lighting. DR's NEON™ strings are so bright in appearance "they look like they are on fire." DR's NEON™ strings shine brightly under stage lights, and are 100% black light active so they glow strongly under UV lighting. And DR's NEON™ sound as good as they look. As Joey Clemment from Salena Gomez said, "Yeah they look great, but they sound incredible!"

NEON™ is the first coated string to make NO apologies. While NEON™ lasts as long as a coated string should (three to four times as long as uncoated strings) they sound as good, or better than uncoated strings... no excuses.

  • Neon Red K3 bright and long-lasting coating
  • Long Scale 37 3/4" string length
  • Hand wound in the USA

K3™ Coating Care:

The K3™ coating on EXTRA-life strings is designed for use with standard picks and fingers. The K3™ coating can be damaged by scraping against metal. It is important that care be taken when stringing guitars and basses where the strings are passed through a metal block or bridge. Scraping can damage the coating.

Medium Gauges are: 45 65 85 105

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