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DR Strings PB-50 Heavy (50-110) Pure Blues Bass Guitar Strings

DR Strings

DR Strings PB-50 Heavy (50-110) Pure Blues Bass Guitar Strings

$ 26.99

DR Strings PB-50 Heavy (50-110) PURE BLUES bass strings combine the warm tone of pure nickel with the brightness and edge of stainless steel for a rich and tonally balanced string that is perfect for players who demand versatility.Whether you play fingerstyle, with a pick, or slap, your bass will come alive with a full bottom, colorful mids, and bright articulate highs.

DR's Quantum Nickel alloy combines the smooth feel of pure nickel with the punch and brightness of stainless steel.
Round Core Wire strings ensure consistent contact with the wrap wire. “These strings have more sustain and flexibility,” says World-renowned bassist Victor Wooten.
DR Pure Blues bass strings are proudly Made in the USA with ONLY American materials. From their Westwood, New Jersey facility, DR uses only the finest American made materials, from the core and wrap wire, to the ball ends, to the final packaging.
When you see the DR logo, you are getting the best of everything.
Gauges: 50 70 90 110

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