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Mission Engineering Delta III Overdrive, Fuzz, Boost & EQ Pedal

Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering Delta III Overdrive, Fuzz, Boost & EQ Pedal

$ 99.99

The Mission Delta III is a flexible distortion pedal capable of a wide range of tones: from boost through TS style overdrive to fuzz.  Delta III features a three transistor all analog audio circuit, and quiet digital switching. A high quality output buffer ensures compatibility with other pedals making Delta III a fuzz pedal that’s usable in just about any rig.

At a Glance

Mission Tri-Stage distortion ranging from boost to overdrive to fuzz
All analog audio path
Isolated digital bypass. Fast and quiet switching with soft touch button
Hi and Lo range EQ controls
Compatible with wide range of instruments
Can be placed anywhere in signal chain
All aluminum construction, weighs just 12oz


The basis of the pedal is a three transistor distortion circuit. The third transistor forms an output buffer that improves compatibility with other pedals, allowing the Delta III to be used with a wide variety of instruments and signal chains. Unlike many distortion boxes, the Delta III is not overly sensitive to where it is placed on your pedal board and can be used with active pickups, basses, and with buffered pedals. The voltage bias of the transistors has been adjusted for optimal response as the signal decays, allowing smooth distortion sounds even from very high or low signal inputs.

The Delta III has two separate EQ controls creating a huge tone shaping capability. The Lo Range EQ control allows you to fatten up the fuzz tone without getting too flubby. The Hi Range control will let you roll off some of the high end to prevent harshness. Proper adjustment of these two controls allows a very wide choice of sounds from full frequency response to a mid-range lead boost.

The Delta III is very touch sensitive, cleaning up with reduced volume or pick attack, and more aggressively clipping as you play harder. It has also been designed to work with the fuzz compatible Mission Engineering VM-PRO and V-BOOST pedals in front, allowing you to create pedal controlled variable distortion.

The gain knob controls the character of the distortion:

Off position – The pedal behaves as a boost. Use volume and EQ controls to set boost parameters.
Mid range – TS style overdrive and crunch tones.
High positions – Fuzz tones.

The micro-controller managed relay bypass system provides soft-touch on/off with very fast and quiet switching operation. Engaging and bypassing the effect happens in a few milliseconds. The soft touch switch is much quieter than a typical latching switch, so no nasty clicks and pops when you turn the effect on and off. Digital switching is also much more reliable ensuring your pedal will continue to consistently switch for many years to come.

Delta III features a red anodized aluminum chassis weighing just 12oz in total. Top mounted jacks allow easy cabling onto a pedalboard. Four aluminum knobs control volume, gain, Lo EQ and Hi EQ. A status LED indicates when the pedal is engaged or in bypass mode.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Vinyl Chloride which is known to the State of California to cause cancer of birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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