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Shubb C3 Standard Polished Nickel-Plated Capo For 12-String Guitar


Shubb C3 Standard Polished Nickel-Plated Capo For 12-String Guitar

$ 26.99

The Shubb C3 Standard capo is a polished nickel-plated capo designed to work exceptionally well on most 12-string guitars.

The Shubb capo was first introduced more than 30 years, and guitarists still love them.

Shubb Standard Capos feature a unique over-center locking mechanism that provides an unrivalled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place, and removes it just as quickly.

The Shubb capo is by far the best capo for not creating tuning problems.

Its soft, resilient rubber is specially designed to work just like a fingertip, so it doesn't bend the strings over the frets.
Its closing action is just like your hand, so it doesn't pull the string off center.
A one-time adjustment provides ideal consistent , repeatable pressure for your instrument.

The Shubb roller design provides superior geometry, allowing you to create just the right amount of dropoff for perfect capo fit and operation.  (Dropoff is Shubb's word for the difference between the maximum clamping pressure as the capo is installed and the more relaxed capo pressure used during play.)  The roller mechanism equalizes the dropoff across the full range of the capo.  This maintains a relationship between the moving parts and results in the same, ideal amount of pressure at any point within the capo's working range.  You get the ideal amount of dropoff on a thin neck, on a thick neck, and all those in between as well as any location up and down the neck.

Capos come and go, but guitarists who are serious about quality and intonation choose Shubb time and time again.

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