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Vertex Effects Steel String MkII (SS2)

Vertex Effects

Vertex Effects Steel String MkII (SS2)

$ 199.99

Players like SRV, Eric Johnson, and John Mayer have been singing the praises of a rare 100-watt 6L6 Dumble Amp, the Steel String Singer, that achieved legendary status in the mid-1980s. And whether you're looking for a taste of Texas sweet tea or a return to Gravity, the Vertex Effects Steel String Clean Drive MkII (SS2) – now 33% slimmer and with an added trick up its sleeve – faithfully captures that “SSS” magic using an actual Dumble Steel String Singer #001.
The Steel String MkII is dead-simple in its operation yet matchless in its rootsy mojo. With gain settings below 1:00, the Steel String Clean Drive MkII makes an incredibly versatile clean boost, with a Filter control to dial in how much of that D-style midrange shaping your instrument demands. Above 1:00, the Steel String Clean Drive MkII begins to sweeten your signal with vine-ripened drive characteristics matured in the California sun. Wide open, this pedal virtually breathes fire, with enough juicy gain to take you from Flavor Town well into Brown County.Highlights:
Dumble SSS tone from a compact stompbox Based on model #001 of an original Dumble SSS amp 33% slimmer and lighter than the original Steel String New Jazz/Rock toggle thickens up cleans and tightens up drive tones Optional 9 to 18VDC operation (adapter not included) True Bypass Designed & Assembled in California

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