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Rotosound RS88LD Tru Bass Regular 65-115 Black Nylon Bass Guitar Strings


Rotosound RS88LD Tru Bass Regular 65-115 Black Nylon Bass Guitar Strings

$ 44.95

The Rotosound RS88LD Tru Bass Regular 65-115 Black Nylon Long-Scale Bass Guitar Strings was specifically designed by James How for Jim Burns’s famous Black Bison in 1962.

This string emulates the upright bass sound and the nearest you will ever get to a double bass that can be played as an electric bass.

The magnetic stainless steel undercovers that sit below the special black nylon tape ensures the best of both worlds by having a bass that is comfortable to handle, that will work with a conventional amplifier and yet offer a sound so reminiscent of its much larger brother.
Our 2-cents: RS88LD's are stainless steel cores wound with black nylon tape. They feel very similar to flatwounds, but you can't really call them that. They produce a deep, smooth tone without much finger or fret noise. Because of the nylon RS88LD's produce less volume than standard round-wounds or steel tapewounds. You should also know that the string diameters are thicker than standard strings. Because of this thicker diameter they won't work on a bass with thin string-channels at the nut. I have heard, for example, that they won't work on an "as shipped" G&H ASAT bass. Also, because of the thickness, some players (on a fretted bass) report fret-buzz until they raise their action a bit. Overall, most who try them love them for country, blues, classic rock, and Mowtown... anything where they are looking for an upright bass sound, or the sound of players like James Jamerson.

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