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72 Tumbled Delrin Heavy (1.00mm) "351" Blue Guitar Picks


72 Tumbled Delrin Heavy (1.00mm) "351" Blue Guitar Picks

$ 29.99

Our picks are manufactured in the USA to exacting specifications to ensure a unique and consistent texture, feel, and tone. The size and shape are classic, so they feel and play like picks you're used to. We don't injection mold our picks, we tumble them to exacting specifications to give you a refined shell-style grip and tone. Once you try our picks you will wonder what we do to make them sound this good.

This pack includes 72 heavy (1.00mm) blue "351" guitar picks.

Our picks earn rave reviews from guitarists who try them. They have the classic shape you're used to and provide great feel and tone.


Classic 351 Shape
Thickness: 1.00mm
Color: Blue
Made in the USA

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